MBM Munshi offers seven varied services to ensure a safe and hygienic environment. We aim to safeguard your premises’ environment for well being of employees

Disinfectant Fumigation service

Specialized service dedicated to eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Amidst the deadly pandemic deep cleaning has become a crucial part of our lives, given the novel Coronavirus is spread by coming in contact with an infected person or touching a contaminated surface. It is essential to ensure cleanliness and sanitization at every nook and corner. We provide exceptional COVID-19 disinfection service to eliminate viruses and bacteria which could be a possible reason for a serious health issue.

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Regular Cleaning services

Ensure a safe and motivating work-space environment with eco-friendly chemicals and tools.

A safe and hygienic work-space environment plays a crucial role in boosting employees’ motivation and productivity. We provide top-class cleaning services in Dhaka. Our cleaning services include high window cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilet cleaning, floor deep cleaning and cleaning vertical and roller blinds. We also ensure making the chair and sofas stainless so that your premises can create long-lasting impressions on your clients.

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Pest Control Service

Equipped with chemicals to eliminate pests and rodents.

A pest infested work-space can be embarrassing for the client and the employees. Not only pests tend to damage essential items but also can make the work-space environment uncomfortable. In the worst-scenario, they could scare away the patrons. We are well-equipped and aware of the chemicals used. Once the problem is gauged, a plan is laid out to eliminate rodents and pests from your premises.

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Gardening and Landscaping

Transform yard into a beautiful lawn for purifying air.

Our experts can turn your yard into a beautiful lawn. Studies have shown that a well-trimmed lawn purifies the air and reduces noise pollution. A well-maintained garden can reap a lot more benefits. MBM Munshi provides world-class gardening and landscaping services. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure up to the mark service and alluring view.

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Support service

Well informed experts for peon service and on-demand delivery needs.

Our reliable staff is available to meet your on-demand delivery 24/7. We aim to cater to the diversified necessities of patrons. Our well read staff is well-settled with essential technology. MBM Munshi also offers office peon services for a helping hand during actively engaged industrious hour.

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Regular Cleaning services

Cleaning area with specialized disinfectant environment friendly chemicals.

Our experts make sure that the whole premises are disinfected with specialized chemicals, essential safety and thorough training to safeguard the environment of the work-space. The safety of the staff and client is ensured. Our administration makes sure that the staff wears PPE kit, and all the tools and equipment are sanitized before entering your premises. We make sure that area is left gleaming clean inside out.

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Sanitization service

Sanitizing every nook and corner of your work-place

A pandemic has made us recognize the cruciality of proper sanitation to ensure germ-free environment. Viruses and bacteria lead to several lethal infections making sanitization important. Regular sanitization of premises is vital to ensure the safety of you and your employees

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