Why employees calling in sick frequently?

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Are your employees calling sick now and then? There can be lots of underlying issues related to this. As an entrepreneur, one of the most preeminent you can do is to keep work-space’s environment healthy and safe for your employees. Moreover, the issue related to getting sick frequently can be due to other factors too, which we will discuss today.

Your employees are your strength also an asset for the firm. As your business is your priority, so should be your employees. We frequently tend to forsake the work environment, on the contrary, it’s the prime aspect and should be taken care of. Let’s go down to the root of employees calling sick and find a solution to it.

  1. Noxious Habits

Corporate lifestyle isn’t a healthy way of life, while you work for straight nine hours on a desk and chair can lead to several severe body issues like obesity and muscle pain. As the owner of the business, you can organise a short yoga or stretching session after regular intervals. Providing a time slot for a walk as it can significantly improve their lifestyle. Moreover, you can encourage employees to eat healthy and also exercise to avoid harmful commodities.

  • Breeding ground for germs

This could be a significant factor for your employees’ sickness. Unhygienic work-space can lead to a vast number of health issues which could later grow on and cause havoc. Working in cubicles during the daytime assists germs and bacteria to thrive. Sometimes people don’t wash their hands, and this later has a domino effect. To deal with this issue, you can hire cleaning services in Dhaka as they have professionals who deep clean your premises making sure to eliminate germs and bacteria. List out for best cleaning service in Dhaka and choose a suitable one.

  • Exhaustion linked with stress

Stress is the most common factor leading to employees’ sickness. If an employee is coming into work tired or calling in saying they will be late, it is best to offer flexible hours of work. Commuting to the workplace is yet another task. However, as we are middle of a pandemic, stress can still prevail due to tight working schedules and zoom meetings. Keep a check on your employees seldom.

  • Psychological issues

Sometimes psychological issues can creep on employees, making them sick. It is good to talk to them not just as a boss to an employee but as friends to make them feel comfortable so that they can share their problems.

The foremost step to lessen down sick days is to ensure hygienic and clean work-space. We highly recommend to list out for best cleaning service in Dhaka. Building a small lounge area where employees’ can have coffee and chit chat is another right way to keep up the spirit of employees. Always remember your employees are your family. 

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